The majority of businesses today have moved online to better represent their products and services in the online market place. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, undertaking this process will make your enterprise more competitive in the global markets. Recent findings by Google have indicated that it is more profitable to have your website optimized for search because more than 97% of the buyers prefer buying from local sellers. Therefore, for your business to assume an online face, it needs search engine optimization (SEO). Intuitively, the main pillars of SEO include online directories, keywords, onsite optimization, content generation, and building links.

Imagine googling something and unknown results appear. In fact, it is frustrating. Consequently, online directories were created to avoid such a scenario. These directories contain your business phone numbers, address, and website. It is important that businesses are registered in the correct name, old phone numbers are updated, and the correct addresses are listed. This is important because it helps your customers to locate your business premise and allows them to contact you anytime. In recent years, a tracked personal number has become popular with businesses as it makes it possible for them to calculate the value of the revenue stream brought in by online directories.

The keyword is another key pillar of SEO pillar. Since individuals searching google use a specific set of words, it is only fair that you use keywords and common phrases to get recognized by the search engine. For instance, if you have a Dentist, words like teeth whitening and fillings could be used as keywords. However, it is also important that you place modifiers with keywords. For example, as a dentist, words like fillings, root canals, and the teeth whitening could go a long way to boost your visibility online. Earlier on, keywords gave similar results regardless of the location which hurt small businesses, but Google now has new tech which customizes a search for an individual according to preference and location.

In digital marketing, every business needs onsite optimization. This is the process of changing your website such that it is more competitive and has search terms that matter most to you. Specifically, this not only involves the use of title tags, meta description, header tags, alt tags, and flash but also robot txt files and main site navigation. For good SEO, your title tags should be less than 55 characters, should avoid the use of words like the, is and be, and finally should change for every page. Similarly, your meta descriptions below each title should be less than 155 characters to be considered by the search engine. Also, the header tags should have a clear hierarchy, and lastly your main sites’ navigation should be easy. Onsite optimization enables the search engine to understand your website easily. Therefore, it can show it in search results.

On the whole, your websites revenue stream depends on the content generated and content updated. Content generation involves central placement and publishing of content. Also, Google uses content on your social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to decide you placement rank in an online search. The content on your website should be graphical informative and contains modern updates. On the other hand, your website should also have a blog. Blogs have become popular with SEO since most people believe in them and will keep searching your website which improves your sites’ rank in their future searches.

Since the future of digital marketing relies on linking, websites achieve this by having building links. These are links that are used to navigate to pages on the website or other websites using a universal resource locator (URL). Moreover, links can be overridden by anchor text which makes the website look cleaner and organized. This is text which when clicked leads pages on the site or on other websites. These links can come from social media, guest blog posts, and industry directories and partners. Links enable sites to be easily identified in the search engine index

Finally, all websites need to be optimized for search by use of online directories, keywords, onsite optimization, content generation, and building links. Search engine optimization is a life’s work for you and your business. The secret for a successful optimized site is constant effort and progress and though it may take time you rip real benefits in the end.

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