Want to drive more traffic to your website? Want to maximize your return-on-investment? Let’s help you combine Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing methods to get you more customers, extend the reach of your campaigns and increase the visibility of your business on search engines.

Nowadays, the competition for online visibility on search results is fierce. But with our SEO and SEM strategies, we make sure that our clients sidestep their competitions.
With our proven track record of creating successful SEO and SEM campaigns, our certified online marketing professionals can improve your campaign to get them aligned with your business goals.


SEO is the process of optimizing your website to make sure that it appears relevant to search engines. A strategic SEO plan helps your prospective customers find you. This means you can easily get suitable leads if your business appears relevant to search engines such as Google.

At Revenue Stream, we offer comprehensive and ethical SEO techniques to help our clients stay ahead of their competitors and generate more leads for their businesses. We develop good conversion strategy to drive sales and revenue for our clients’ businesses.
SEM, on the other side, allows businesses to buy an ad space on search engines. With search engine marketing, you can increase traffic to your website and also boost up your business sales. For instance, you can place an ad on Google search engine via Pay per Click (PPC).


PPC is one of the quickest ways to advertise small businesses, B2B businesses, and large corporations to help them establish their brands in their markets respectively. If your business is new and you’re looking for an efficient way to drive traffic to your website, drive sales and boost revenue, you should try Pay per Click (PPC) advertising. When the user searches for a keyword related to your business, your advert appears on search results and the user clicks on it to access your website. PPC is largely associated with search engines especially Google, which features a range of advertising forms such as display advertising, search advertising and remarketing.

As advertisers, we bid on keywords and phrases that are relevant to our clients’ target market and businesses. Payment is made on each user click on the advert that appears on Google or on any website network. We are experienced and certified Adwords Partner, so we have full access to comprehensive PPC tools. We also assure our clients of confined budget control and regular optimization of bids, keyword research, and placements.


 Keyword research & competitive analysis
 Creating compelling ad copy
 SEO Copywriting
 Setting up campaign
 Setting up and Integrating Google Adwords & Google Analytics.
 Campaign management and optimization
 On-Page & Off-Page SEO
 Tracking conversions, Data analysis, and insights
 Reputation Management


PPC and SEO help businesses to drive qualified potential clients or customers to their website, thus increasing conversion rates.
Both online marketing avenues can help you build your brand awareness and also the visibility of your business.



We utilize both SEO and SEM to help our clients build a strong online presence, bypass their competitions to gain new customers and take their business to the next level.

We’re experienced in creating PPC ads that result in a higher conversion. A large percentage of visitors on our clients’ websites usually convert into sales, leading to a better ROI.

Our results are long-term and permanent. You don’t appear on first page of Google search results today and stop tomorrow. We help our clients manage their top rankings and make sure that no one takes their spots on the first page.

Based in Edmonton, our SEO and PPC team will save you time and help you achieve more from your campaigns

At Revenue Stream we pride ourselves in staying up-to-date with the latest trends so that we can help our clients get better results at lower costs.

We manage our clients’ accounts actively to maximize their click-through and conversion rates.

We provide transparent and measurable results through our advanced reporting and insightful recommendations.

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