At Revenue Stream is a digital marketing company with a professional team of digital marketers and web designers. We help businesses across Edmonton to grow their brand online by building growth-driven websites and creating digital marketing strategies that will increase brand awareness; increase leads, and improve conversions.

We are professionals when it comes to everything digital. As an Edmonton SEO company, we have a team of SEO specialists that can help increase your brand awareness and visibility online with effective search engine optimization strategies. We set realistic and measurable goals for digital marketing campaigns, which lead to positive results.

As a marketing company, we understand the local market and this has made us stand out as the ideal digital marketing agency in Edmonton. If you work with us, we will tactically implement the suitable techniques that will boost your rankings on Google, drive traffic to your website and improve your conversions.

Revenue Stream is a full-service internet marketing agency that provides personalized digital marketing campaigns that fit your business needs and goals. Our experience as a digital marketing Edmonton company has been the driving force behind the success of our clients.

Feel free to check out some of the clients we have worked with in the past and the ones we’re presently working with. You’ll see how our effective digital marketing campaigns have achieved terrific results.

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WordPress Site Design

Your website represents your business and it’s an effective tool to help you achieve your business goals. Thus, you need a website that will give your existing and potential customers a view of what you do and the product you have to offer.

Revenue Stream is a digital marketing agency in Edmonton offering WordPress website design services, providing responsive websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but are also easy to navigate. Our dedicated team of WordPress specialists is always ready to help with your corporate or personal website design projects. We love WordPress and we can help you to utilize its full potential to ensure that you get the best out of your website.

As an internet marketing agency, we provide comprehensive services from strategy and design to implementation. We understand WordPress in and out; we offer hands-on and scalable solutions and can customize the website to your requirements.Wordpress site designRevenue Stream offers the following site design services:

  • WordPress Design: We create beautiful and unique website designs that are search engine friendly and easy to use, using the WordPress platform
  • WordPress Development: We provide inventive solutions to multifaceted requirements using the WordPress platform’s adaptable open source framework.
  • Theme Customization: We also set up and customise WordPress themes within a short period of time.
  • WordPress Optimization: Our team of web designers and developers are expert in optimizing WordPress website to avoid slowing down your business.

Our WordPress development services also cover WordPress management, WordPress hosting, Woocommerce setup and customization, WordPress security setup, website speed optimization, emergency WordPress support, as well as security scanning and malware removal.

Revenue Stream is an Edmonton SEO company and we understand that a website should be structured and developed in a search-friendly way. With this in mind, we develop WordPress websites that are SEO-optimized and we can work with you to help your website rank well on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

With the advent of mobile technology, most users view websites on their mobile devices and that is why we ensure that the WordPress websites we design are optimized for mobile. We make sure that they are responsive and can be viewed on every device from a desktop, laptop to mobile phones and tablets. This will give your business an advantage to be easily viewed by your prospective customers anytime and anywhere.

Just like SEO, social media plays an important role in the way your prospective customers find your website online. We ensure that your social media accounts are linked to your website so that you can create a completely integrated online presence for your business.

Want to set up an effective email marketing strategy but you don’t know how? Or are you looking to set up a marketing automation and an integrated CRM system? Want to nurture your leads and build a database of loyal customers? We’ve got you covered.

Email is the utmost performing sales channel for any business. With well-informed targeting and specialized messaging, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to enlighten and influence your audience. At Revenue Stream, we provide a comprehensive email marketing service to achieve best business results. We can help you create successful marketing campaigns using our email marketing and automation services. From strategy to delivery, creative design to content development, monitoring to analysis, we provide e-marketing campaigns that deliver matchless ROI with every email sent.

Email marketing tipsOur comprehensive customizable email services and solutions are tailored to every client’s needs and they include:

  • Email platform setup and integration
  • Content strategy and development
  • Creative design
  • Split testing & A/B Email Testing
  • Data segmentation and list management
  • Sending Emails at Prime times
  • Quality Assurance
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Landing page creation
  • Marketing automation and CRM integration

For do-it-yourself email marketing services, we offer consultancy services to help you maximize your click through rates. In addition, we provide support at every stage of your email marketing campaign.

Why Choose Us?

  • We can help you develop inbound email marketing campaigns that’ll delight your subscribers.
  • We help our clients to build up a relationship with their customers through personalized and relevant email communications.
  • With our team of highly skilled digital marketing experts, we provide affordable email marketing services to help you reach your prospective customers easily.

Let’s help convert more customers with context-aware emails. Our amazing team of designers, content writers and HTML developers are available 24/7 to strap a rocket to your email marketing campaigns. Contact us for more information regarding our email marketing services.

The majority of businesses today have moved online to better represent their products and services in the online market place. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, undertaking this process will make your enterprise more competitive in the global markets. Recent findings by Google have indicated that it is more profitable to have your website optimized for search because more than 97% of the buyers prefer buying from local sellers. Therefore, for your business to assume an online face, it needs search engine optimization (SEO). Intuitively, the main pillars of SEO include online directories, keywords, onsite optimization, content generation, and building links.

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Want to promote your business across the world but you don’t know to go about it? Or are you finding it difficult to choose the best marketing strategy for your business? Well, the use of social media marketing has increased significantly due to its fast approaching in helping businesses reach their target customers. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become important tools of online marketing today. Social media has transformed into a social spectacle that reaches into most social communications. Even the platforms have evolved into powerful websites where people share information and ideas.

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Since the evolution of content marketing, there has been a marked difference in the business world about how to generate leads.
Nowadays, businesses are using content to drive massive results. Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools used in creating awareness around a product or brand. It helps businesses to capture and nurture leads with a greater chance of converting them into customers.

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The use of social media has gone beyond sharing stories and pictures with just family and friends. Many businesses now use social media to increase brand awareness, build engagement and grow their audience. Yet some are finding it difficult to grow their audience or build engagement. Here, we outline several actions you can take to build engagement and grow your social media audience:

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Want to set up an effective email marketing strategy but you don’t know how? Or are you looking to set up a marketing automation and an integrated CRM system? Want to nurture your leads and build a database of loyal customers? We’ve got you covered.

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Content is king and content marketing is powerful. It is an effective online marketing strategy to make your business visible, attract traffic to your website and get you quality leads. In fact, it generates massive leads when compared to other digital marketing avenues.

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