In case you are wondering what we do at Revenue Stream. Well, it’s quite simple. We create meaningful brand interactions. We innovate and make ideas happen. We are a leading digital-focused marketing agency that delivers successful campaigns that drive customer acquisition to grow businesses. We have carved a space for ourselves as leaders within the Canadian digital space, by focusing on creating outstanding results.

We are best known as a digital agency with a difference because our inheritable factors are strongly planted in our digital chromosome. We work with our clients from start to finish to understand their business needs and to help them achieve their goals. Revenue stream digital marketing agency comprises of an experienced team of digital marketers in Edmonton, Alberta to deliver bonded experiences and to create positive business impact for our clients.


We grow and scale businesses and we are experts in every core digital service you can think of. We help our clients to design and execute effective digital marketing strategies to grow their business using latest technologies. With the regular changes that occur in the online space, we can help you stay ahead of your competitors with our skills and agility. We are a reliable and responsive powerhouse and this allows us to be effective and proficient in catering for every business need. We create and deliver cohesive marketing concepts and solutions to help you meet your goals.

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Social Media Marketing (SMM)
• Digital Strategy
• Inbound Marketing
• Lead Generation
• Paid Search Management (PPC & SEM)
• Content Marketing
• Email Marketing
• Website Design
• Conversion Rate Optimization
• Branding
If you’re looking to create a social media marketing plan, do some marketing on social media to increase your following or customer engagement, we’ve got you covered.

Revenue Stream is your digital knowledge partner helping you succeed in a changing digital landscape. As your digital marketing partner, we can help you make perceptive business decisions to operate your business with confidence and speed. Our utmost approach to growth solutions starts with our initial consultation. We determine your present market position as shown by data obtained from audit stage. Then we design operational customer acquisition models to help you achieve your goals. Our success is a complete replica of our clients’ success, we partner with them to ascertain growth opportunities through profound data analysis, reporting, and innovative channel tactics. We are only interested in helping businesses drive customer engagement, generate more sales and increase revenue; we don’t waste time or money.


We understand your business is unique and our job is to develop a personalized marketing plan and approach to meet and exceed your business goals.  As a leading digital marketing agency, it is our duty to stay on top of current trends allowing us to provide maximum results for our customers.

Boost Visibility, Boost Sales & Become An Authority!