Since the evolution of content marketing, there has been a marked difference in the business world about how to generate leads.
Nowadays, businesses are using content to drive massive results. Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools used in creating awareness around a product or brand. It helps businesses to capture and nurture leads with a greater chance of converting them into customers.

Let’s look at ways to generate leads with content marketing as a business;


Conducting an extensive research is one step you should not jump past as it will come back to bite you. In content marketing, market research is the most important initial step.

You need to know what your users’ needs so that you can help them achieve their goals. Find out what your target audience wants and where they go to search for such solutions.
Try to do keywords research to know what they are searching for. This will guide you in developing a strong content marketing that will ultimately generate leads.


Your landing page can determine whether people will go beyond the initial click. Thus, you need to pay special attention to the construction of the landing page.

First, you should decide on the objective of the website. It is important to have a compelling headline, easy navigation, a nice background but not too colorful which may cause distraction or irritation.
You should also include bulleted points, which drive home important details, and add proof of success through testimonials.
Don’t forget to add a call-to-action form which will prompt the lead to make a decision.
The inclusion of a personal picture is likely to create more confidence.


Nowadays, most content marketers dive more actively into social media marketing because they believe it attracts the highest potential customers.

However, email marketing campaigns have proven to yield a greater number of leads especially when there is an added incentive in form of free offers.
These freebies allow your leads to get a better knowledge of your brand or product and leads to higher commitment.


People are known to have a short attention span when using the internet, therefore most of your leads will be skimming through your bulleted points until they find something that captures their attention and makes them stay on your page.

You should pay attention to other content headlines and publications to get a feel of available content in that field.
That way you are able to fill the voids that exist. Work with an outline to guide your content writing.


It is a big challenge for many content marketers to maintain a steady stream of content. Therefore, some tend to repeat the use of same content.

This action will dissuade leads who may avoid your content altogether.
Remember to review your keywords to ensure your target leads’ search areas have not changed and in the case of a change, your content should be updated.


There is a ready pool of leads on social media. However, if you are not using the right strategies you may not be generating leads as much as you should.

You should decide on the type of content you will like to share on each social media platform and some of your content will need to be adapted to fit each platform.
For instance, sharing of texts in the description of a YouTube video may not achieve the desired effect but the same approach will work better on Facebook which is more text-oriented.
Since social media thrives on active participation, you should create dynamic opportunities for participation within your content. Having a content calendar for social media will keep you focused.


After all the effort you have put in, it is crucial to measure your results. This will provide you with the needed statistics to see what is working and where changes need to be made.

You can make use of tools such as your website metrics which will give you a detail of page views, bounce rates and the amount of time spent on your site among other details.
The same metrics can be gotten from your social media platforms showing the level of reach, engagement, and participation. The metrics gotten should be compared to the successful leads derived and the margin will give you the idea of your success rate.

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